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AmpAura Purea 3 Expansion Battery

AmpAura Purea 3 Expansion Battery

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  • Expandable Capacity: Simplify power enhancement by effortlessly upgrading Purea 3 with an additional 3.84kWh expansion battery;
  • Maximum Powerhouse: Connect up to 18 Expansion Batteries and a Double Voltage Hub for an impressive 76.8 kWh;
  • Portable Modes: Two convenient options for easy relocation;
  • Smart Control: Manage effortlessly with the AmpAura App via smart remote control;
  • Worry-Free Warranty: Enjoy a 5-year worry-free warranty for peace of mind;
  • Long-lasting Power: Boasts a 10-year lifespan with an advanced LFP battery.

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        Experience Unprecedented Capacity with a 20× Expansion!

        Purea 3 supports linking up to 9 Expansion Batteries. With the addition of a Double Voltage Hub, you can connect another Purea 3 and 9 Expansion Batteries to achieve an incredible 76.8 kWh. That's comparable to the battery capacity of a Tesla Model Y, transforming your space into an off-grid mini power station.

        Rapid 800W Solar Charging for Emergencies.

        The Expansion Battery, designed for emergency recharging with an 800W solar input, now features individual connections for each
        battery. With Purea 3, up to 9 Expansion Batteries can be simultaneously connected, forming a powerful network for colective solar
        charging. This enhancement ensures swift and scalable energy solutions during emergencies, offering a compact yet robust power
        station for various needs.

        User-Friendly Design, tailored for Your Convenience.

        Unleash convenience with our user-friendly design, featuring two-wheel and four-wheel modes for versatile terrain navigation, a top storage box for organized tool kits, and an LED battery status display. Elevate your experience with seamless adaptability and efficiency in one sleek package.

        2 convenient ways to wheel for easy movement

        top storage box as mini tool kit

        LED light display battery status

        What's in the Box.


        Battery Capacity:
        • 3840Wh
        • 605mm × 295mm × 495mm
        Net Weight :
        • <45kg (99.2lbs)
        • 5 Years
        Battery Chemistry:
        • LiFePO4
        Max. Input :
        • 3600W
        Max. Output :
        • 3600W
        Cable O.D. :
        • 21mm
        Cable Length:
        • 850mm
        Cycle Life :
        • 3000 cycles to 80%+ capacity (room temperature)


        How many expansion batteries can I use with a Purea 3?

        Purea 3 supports 9 extra batteries.

        Can I charge the expansion battery without connecting to Purea 3?

        Certainly, the Expansion Battery is equipped for individual 800W solar charging, specifically designed for emergency situations and to expedite the recharging process. It can be recharged independently, even when disconnected.

        When I charge Purea 3 and the expansion battery together, which device will be prioritized for charging?

        In this scenario, charging priority is given to Purea 3. Once the battery of Purea 3 is fully charged, then the charging process for the expansion battery will commence.

        How many cycles can expansion battery handle before losing capacity?

        expansion battery can endure over 3000 cycles while still retaining over 80% of its original capacity. This translates to long-term, reliable performance.