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AmpAura ePanel Smart Power Backup System Switch

AmpAura ePanel Smart Power Backup System Switch

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  • 3.84-12 kWh super capacity;
  • 3.6-12 kW super output;
  • Simplified home backup power solution;
  • Remote smart control with AmpAura App;
  • 10 distributed circuits control.

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  • 30-dayreturn policy
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reliable customer service
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AmpAura ePanel is a compact smart home backup power switch. With easy installation into your home's electrical grid and compatibility with AmpAura Purea 3 and Gemini, it forms a comprehensive home backup power system. This system enables you to seamlessly switch between grid power and stored energy according to your household needs. It not only helps you tackle unexpected power outages with ease but also reduces your electricity costs.

6 Key Highlights, Creating an Uninterrupted Home.

3.84-12 kWh super capacity

Simplify home backup power

10 Circuits distributed control

3.6-12 kW super output

App-powered intelligent power

Seamless 20ms switchover during
power outages

*Unlike professional UPS systems, the Epanel does not provide seamless switchover support for IT equipment



  • 8.38kg (18.5lbs)
  • 508*311*115mm (20*12.2*4.5 inch)
Protection Level:
  • I
IP Rating:
  • IP20
  • Wall-mounted
  • 5 years
Available Circuits:
  • Up to 10 channels
Rated System Voltage:
  • 240V/120V
Maximum Input Current:
  • 120A
Short-circuit Current:
  • 10kA
Relay Module Rated Current:
  • 6A/13A/16A/20A/30A
Maximum Output Power:
  • 12000W (2*6000W)
Maximum Battery Capacity:
  • 12kWh 2*(4kWh+2kWh)
Operating&storage Temperature Ranges:
  • -20℃-45℃ (-4°F-113°F)
Exterior Shell Temperature:
  • <65℃ (<149°F)