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AmpAura Purea 3 3.84 kWh Portable Power Station

AmpAura Purea 3 3.84 kWh Portable Power Station

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  • 3.84-76.8kWh Expandable Capacity;
  • Up to 7200W AC Output;
  • 3000W EV-grade charging, full recharge within 1.3 hours;
  • Hybrid Charging Mode: Max.3600W Fully Charged in 1.1 Hour;
  • 17 ports in one;
  • Two convenient portable mode to move;
  • Smart remote control with AmpAura App;
  • 5-year worry-free warranty;
  • Durable battery management system.
        • Free & fast delivery
        • 30-day return policy
        • 5-year warranty
        • Reliable customer service
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        Impressive 3.84 kWh capacity, powering 99% of your appliances.

        The Purea 3 boasts a substantial battery capacity of 3.84 kWh, coupled with a robust maximum output of 3000W, enabling seamless power supply to a wide array of daily appliances. Meanwhile, Purea 3's mBoost Mode* allows it to output over 6000W of power in a short duration, meeting the high instantaneous power demands of certain appliances during startup. Whether you're powering devices in your home or office, the Purea 3 offers a convenient and versatile solution to meet your energy needs effectively.

        mBoost Mode: a technical mode of Purea 3 that enables it to achieve a maximum output of 6000W in a short duration.

        Embrace abundance with Purea 3.

        5 Charging Methods, charge at Your Ease, anytime, anywhere.

        EV-grade fast charging*, full recharge within 1.3 hours

        Utilize the 3000W EV-grade fast charging to achieve an 100% charge in only 1.3 hours. Swiftly fulfilling your power requirements has never been easier.

        6X FASTER

        Purea 3

        1.3 Hour


        4 Hours
        *The EV-grade fast charging mode requires an EV charging adapter, available for individual purchase.

        Hybrid Charging - 3600W in 1.1 Hours for Ultimate Convenience.

        When you charge it simultaneously using both AC and solar power, you can harness a remarkable 3600W input capacity. This means you can fully recharge a Purea 3 in ust 11 hours, Weve engineered the ultimate portable battery that's always ready to go when you are.

        AC + Solar Input 3,600W


        Fuel Generator 3,600W


        EV Charging 3,000W


        Solar Input 2,000W


        AC 1,600W


        All-in-one with 17 charging ports: fulfilling every appliance need.

        Purea 3 integrates 17 ports, encompassing AC, USB-C, USB-A, wireless charging, and more, catering to 99% of your electrical consumption requirements.

        Versatile design for any environment.

        Featuring exceptional EV-grade LiFePO4 batteries,
        enhanced battery cycles and stability.

        Purea 3 is equipped with LiFePO4 batteries, trusted by top-tier EV manufacturers. With 3,000 full battery cycles still remaining 80% capacity, it offers a lifespan of 10 years, even when used once daily.

        Charge Cycles

        LFP Batteries




        Robust Power Performance with 5-layer Safety Assurance.

        Supported by a dependable 5-year waranty, Purea 3 ensures long-lasting and reliable power performance. furthermore, the system integrates 5 distinct major protections, emphasizing user safety to provide a secure and worry-free experience.

        The world's first Cloud Guardian System, for foreseeing protection.

        In instances where there's a potential risk of thermal runaway detected by your Purea 3, our dedicated after-sales team will swiftly notify you. Well initiate inspections and provide repair or replacement solutions as necessary.


        Net Weight:
        • 51kg (112.4lbs)
        • 605*318*495mm (4.5*12.5*19.5inch)
        • 5 years
        • Support
        • Meets US and International
        • Safety and EMI Standards
        Smart Charge:
        • Yes
        mBoost Mode:
        • Yes
        Running Noise:
        • <50dB
        Max. Working Altitude:
        • 2000m
        • LFP cell
        Battery Capacity:
        • 3.84kWh
        Quick Charge:
        • Recharge to 80% in 1 hour
        • Recharge to 100% in 1.5 hours
        Cell Chemistry:
        • EV class LFP Battery Cell
        Life Span:
        • Capacity Retention >80%
        Battery Management Systems:
        • Over Voltage Protection
        • Overload Protection
        • Over Temperature Protection
        • Short Circuit Protection
        • Low Temperature Protection
        • Low Voltage Protection
        • Overcurrent Protection
        • DC/DC Converter Optimizer


        Rated AC Output Power:
        • 3600W-7200W*¹
        Surge Power:
        • 6000W (Surge 6000W / 200ms)
        24/7 Seamless Home Backup:
        • Yes
        Backup Essential Circuits Connection:
        • 3600W/30A
        • Up to 11.5kWh with 2 extension batteries
        • Up to 23kWh with 1 more device and 4 extension batteries
        • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
        App Control:
        • Remote Control /Smart Measurement /Smart Energy /Carbon Footprint Report /OTA Upgrade /Firmware Update/
        *¹ To utilize 7200W of electrical power, establish a connection between two units using the Double Voltage Hub. The Double Voltage Hub will be available for separate purchase. Stay tuned for the latest launch updates.

        *² The Accessory Expansion Battery will be available for separate purchase. Stay tuned for the latest launch updates.


        AC Port *4:
        • 20A
        RV Port *1:
        • 30A / 3600W
        USB-A *4:
        • QC 3.0 24W
        USB-C *2:
        • PD 100W
        Wireless Port *2:
        • 15W
        Anderson Port *1:
        • 30A / 3600W
        DC5521 Output port *2:
        • QC 3.0 24W
        Car Outlet *1:
        • 12V / 10A
        * text Impressive 3.84 kWh capacity, powering 99% of your appliances.


        Charging Method:
        • AC Wall Outlet,Solar Panel,
        • Car Charger,EV Charger
        AC Charging:
        • 1600W (100V to 120V,60Hz)
        Solar Charging:
        • 2000W (11V-150V)
        MPPT Number:
        • 1
        Max. DC Input Power:
        • Max 2000W
        MPPT Input Voltage Range:
        • 12V~150V
        Car Charger::
        • Support
        EV AC Charging Spot:
        • 3000W (Adapter* needed)
        *The EV-grade fast charging mode requires an EV charging adapter, available for individual purchase.


        Can Purea 3 power high-demand tools or appliances (over 3600W) ?

        Absolutely. The mBoost Mode enables Purea 3 to briefly provide more than 6kW of raw power, allowing you to confidently operate high-demand tools such as electric saws for your projects. Just note that this enhanced capacity is limited to 200 ms to initiate the power-up process.

        How much power can Purea 3 deliver?

        Purea 3 can deliver up to 3600W of continuous power. When using the Double Voltage Hub, it can reach an impressive 7200W output.

        How many cycles can Purea 3's battery handle before losing capacity?

        Purea 3's battery can endure over 3000 cycles while still retaining over 80% of its original capacity. This translates to long-term, reliable performance.

        Is Purea 3 waterproof?

        Purea 3 is not waterproof. Steer clear of any liquid contact. Avoid using the product in rainy or humid conditions.

        What is the warranty for Purea 3?

        Purea 3 comes with a 5-year warranty, ensuring its durability and reliability.

        What is the battery capacity of Purea 3 and its expandability?

        A single Purea 3 unit or an additional battery pack provides a capacity of 3840Wh (3.84kWh). However, the beauty of Purea 3 lies in its expandability. You can connect up to two Purea 3 units and add up to 18 extra battery packs, allowing you to scale the capacity to a maximum of 76.8kWh, providing an abundance of energy storage for your diverse needs.

        Can I use other brands of solar panels to recharge the Purea 3?

        Yes, the Purea 3 can be recharged via other brands of solar panels; its capability for solar panels is 20A & 150V, maximum 2000W.

        Is there an MPPT controller?

        Yes, Purea 3 has an internal MPPT controller.

        Can I use Purea 3 as a UPS?

        Yes. Within 20ms switching time.