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AmpAura Purea 3 Double Voltage Hub

AmpAura Purea 3 Double Voltage Hub

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  • Increased Power: Connect two Purea 3 units to double hub power to 7200W;
  • 4 Extra Outlets: 2 × 220-240Vac/30A and 2 × 100-120Vac/15A;
  • FireGuard Construction: Flame-resistant materials ensure safety;
  • Durable Design: Non-coated construction guarantees durability.
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        Reach 7200W output, conquer High-Powered Demands.

        Connecting two Purea 3 units via the Double Voltage Hub doubles the power capacity from 3600W (single hot wire) to 7200W (two hot wires), effectively fulfilling the high-power requirements of specific devices.


        Input Voltage:
        • 100-120V/60Hz
        Output Voltage:
        • 220-240VAC/30A
        • 100-120 VAC/15A
        Number of Switchable Circuits:
        • 4
        Rated Current :
        • 220-240 VAC/30A
        • 100-120 VAC/15A
        Output :
        • 3600 W/7200 W
        • 247.9mm × 126.8mm × 52mm
        • 1 Year
        Temperature and humidity for operation:
        • 0-45℃(32-113℉) 60±25%R.H
        Temperature and humidity for storage:
        • -10-45℃(32-113℉) 60±25%R.H


        How do I connect two AmpAura Purea 3 units?

        Connecting two Energy Storage Units typically involves using specific connecting cables or interfaces designed for ease of connection and electrical compatibility. Follow the product manual for detailed instructions.

        What safety features does the Purea 3 Double Voltage Hub offer?

        Safety features may encompass overload protection, short-circuit protection, overheating protection, and a battery management system (BMS).

        What devices can be charged using the Purea 3 Double Voltage Hub?

        The Hub supports a wide array of devices, such as smartphones, laptops, small appliances, and potentially electric vehicles, depending on the charging standard compatibility.