Q: Where can I use these power stations?

A: AmpAura portable power stations and home energy can be used in almost any possible indoor and outdoor scenarios, including but not limited to home or indoor appliance power source, camping or RV trip power supply, backup power for any outage and any other scenario you need electricity.

Q: Which devices can use power station?

A: Power station can charge almost 99% of appliances, such as refrigerator, wash machine, TV, WiFi router, drone, phone, camera, projector, electrical grill, cutting machine and so on.

Q: How do I know the information of each product?

A: You can refer to the specs section on the product purchase page. If you need any other help, please feel free to email directly to support@ampaura.tech.

Q: Where can I purchase AmpAura products?

A: If you are interested in AmpAura products, please subscribe our email on our official website and stay tuned. Online sales will open soon.